Mortgages in Portugal

Mortgages in Portugal

At ACPS Real Estate, we're thrilled to offer comprehensive assistance with your mortgage needs through our trusted network of recommended providers. Teamed up with recognisable high street banks, we ensure a personalised service tailored to your requirements. Whether you're already in Portugal or planning a visit, we can arrange appointments and even accompany you to ensure a seamless process.


It's crucial to note that Portuguese banks typically require more documentation compared to what you might expect elsewhere, given their reliance on paper-based profiles due to limited online resources for credit ratings. For a standard application, anticipate providing IDs, proof of address, tax declarations, bank statements, debt details, credit reports, employment documentation, and, if self-employed, audited accounts.


While mortgages typically take up to 8 weeks to process, timely updates ensure smooth progress. Portuguese banks don't offer 'agreement in principle' mortgages, preferring details of the property at the time of application.


For the latest information on interest rates, terms, and conditions, please get in touch with us. With access to a wide variety of options, we strive to secure the best offer for you.


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